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“Everyone has the right to feel safe and secure while working underground. We are the dealer of choice for trench safety products and here at Trench Pro, safety is our #1 goal. Our promise is to use our combined 80 years of pipe products experience to provide the best customer service in the shoring market.We pride ourselves in relationship building and expertise while getting the job done. (On time, the first time, safely)”

Meet our Team

(Trenching solutions Experts)

Jim Licata

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Craig Dye
GA/TN Sales

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Ben Pendas
GA Sales

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Jarrett Womble
NC Sales

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David Ard
GA/NC Sales

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How Trench Pro make Excavation Shoring Easer, Safer and Faster?

Our purpose is to help our customers with their trenching and excavation tasks and getting them done at a faster, easier, and safer way by supplying high-quality trench safety equipment when they need it. Our engineering capabilities and deep understanding with the trench shoring requirement can help rail, road, mining, utilities, and construction companies to keep workers safe in trenching projects and while working below the land surface.

We are one of the best shoring equipment & rental service provider. We have the most extensive collection of equipment meeting OSHA safety regulations and aim to build our credibility in the underground construction industry by enhancing our customers’ ability to be cost-competitive without compromising with safety.

Trench Shoring and Excavation Safety Products Line you will find with us:

  • Trench Drain Covers
  • Road Traffic & Crossing Plates
  • Trench Boxes (Aluminum and Steel)
  • Underground Pipe Puller (Laser-Friendly)
  • Manhole Trench Shields
  • Stone Mizer (Bedding Box)
  • Porta-Tank Water Storage & Spray
  • Hi Hopper & Material Dispenser
  • Snow Bucket or Snow Removal System