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Trench Cover - Steel Road Plate

Road Plates are skid resistant steel plates that enable temporary traffic access over narrow trenches, small manholes, and other minor site hurdles. These are the most common yet essential requirements for a safe site. If installed properly, these can overcome all the hazards that can be caused to pedestrians, cyclists, or motorcyclists!
Bridge-up excavations with these Road Plates to open the roadway or crosswalk for traffic!

High Strength Trench Cover
High Strength Trench Cover
Steel Road Plate
Steel Road Plate

Trench Pro's Road Plates:

Our Road Plates can be available in different sizes depending on the width of excavation to be bridged and the expected traffic. We can also provide lifting equipment to transport them to different places. You can get them on rent too. We have "street ready" steel road plates that are cut as per requirement.
Get skid-resistant coating to any Road Plates, if required!

Benefits of Trench Pro’s Steel Road Plates:

■ Proficient Installation, Perfect Placement over Trenches
■ Varied Sizes – Multiple Dimensions _available
■ Weather Resistant
■ High Strength
■ Durable and Lightweight
■ Anti-skid Surface Road Plate
■ Anti-Slip Road Plates


Plate SizeThicknessWidth (ft.)Length (ft.)Weight (lb.)
4 x 8 ft Plate1"481,306
4 x 10 ft Plate1"4101,634
5 x 10 ft Plate1"5102,040
6 x 10 ft Plate1"6102,449
8 x 12 ft Plate1"8123,912
8 x 16 ft Plate1"8165,224
8 x 20 ft Plate1"8206,534


Plate SizeThicknessWidth (ft.)Length (ft.)Weight (lb.)
4 x 8 ft Plate3/4"48980
4 x 10 ft Plate3/4"4101,225
8 x 8 ft Plate3/4"881,960
8 x 10 ft Plate3/4"8102,450
8 x 12 ft Plate3/4"8122,940
8 x 16 ft Plate3/4"8163,920
8 x 20 ft Plate3/4"8204,900
10 x 20 ft Plate3/4"10206,185

Important Considerations Trench Pro takes into account:

  • To support the sides of any excavations underneath the road plates and to rigidly held them to the road surface.
  • Road plates are sunk into the surface to provide a ramp to the plate level.
  • Discuss with Contractors to place appropriate warning signs.
  • Fencing the edges of the road plates adjacent to the excavation to prevent falls.

Road Plate Trench Cover

Steel Plate