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Steel trench shields & tap box

Municipal Shields

Lightweight Municipal steel trench shields or “tap box” by Trench Pro
XLSM Municipal Steel Trench Box with rubber-tire backhoeTrench Pro’s lightweight Municipal steel trench shields or “tapping shield” assure a safe work space when municipal utilities need to be installed, repaired, or replaced.

They are light enough to be handled with a rubber-tired backhoe, but strong enough to withstand extreme soil pressures common in poor or unstable soil. Municipal trench shields are one of the most important safety equipment for any city’s DPW or water department.


Steel Trench Shield Production Application Guide (PDF)
Steel Trench Shields Tab Data – Page 2, with assemble and use instruction (PDF)
How to Size a Trench Shield: Soil Classifications, Calculating Depth Ratings, and Sizing a Shield (PDF)

Municipal Shields


Municipal Shields